Robotics and the Digital Impact

While other mortgage lenders clambered to introduce more automation into their processes in early 2020, Wyndham Capital Mortgage was already fully up and running.  We’ve spent the past six years investing in an end-to-end digital mortgage process that takes consumers from loan application to close, all online. Our process provides the speed, ease and convenience … Continued

The Path to Consistently Quality Leads

At Wyndham Capital Mortgage, we use a collection of tools that blend an omnichannel approach with intent-based lifecycle marketing with the goal of sending our loan officers the right leads at the right time. Designed to continuously drive our loan officers with more consistent, higher-quality leads, our marketing wheel is supported by a 30-30-30-10 rule … Continued

Data-Driven Decision Making

Fundamental to our business model is our unique approach to tracking and utilizing data. In the mortgage industry, monitoring and leveraging data have been an ongoing challenge. At Wyndham Capital Mortgage, we identified this challenge and created a collection of tools and technology to monitor data from multiple systems within our enterprise to achieve continuous … Continued